15 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Localization Service

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1. Are you losing international sales opportunities due to delays or lack of localized product?

2. Are your international sales people, support staff and end-users complaining about the lack of clarity, quality or usefulness of your localized product?

3. Are your localized assets– target files, translation memories, terminology databanks, style guides and query databases– all over the place, non-existent or outdated?

4. Are last minute product updates baffling your translation localization staff on how to handle the deluge of updates?

5. Are you still relying on dated technology in translation leveraging (Translation Memory), terminology management and dealing with translators queries off-online?

6. Are you paying over and over again for the translation of the same material straining your budgets?

7. Are you still considering single sourcing and XML?

8. Does your localized product suffer from inconsistent terminology and ambiguities?

9. Are your translators required to do tasks not related to translation?

10. Do your translators have to wait endless amounts of time to get answers to their queries from your in-country product experts?

11. Do you lack professional desktop publishers to deal with manual formatting and image capture in all needed languages?

12. Do you lack expert quality assurance staff that can detect issues the moment they look at them and report them early in the process?

13. Are you constantly running into internationalization issues with your code or website?

14. Do translation managers at your company dislike their jobs or always want to push the responsibility onto someone else?

15. Do your company’s core competencies exclude translation localization?

If you answer yes to 3 or more questions, you can surely benefit from a professional translation localization audit and service.

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